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 Scandic-Forest | meža īpašumu apsaimniekošana


A responsible owner keeps their home in good order. A forest also needs a steward who regularly inspects it and carries out the work so that it brings the greatest possible satisfaction and income.

Trust Scandic Forest to manage your forest property:

1. Professional forest care and use. 

We provide full-cycle property management (see other services). Our employees are qualified, experienced and can ensure efficient forest care, utilisation and access to European funds.

2. Better profit

Scandic Forest can make a better profit from forest exploitation than can be achieved by farming individually. We are able to generate profits for both the forest owner and the company.

3. Sustainable forest management

We manage our properties according to FSC® standards. We use our knowledge of forest ecology and environmental protection to ensure that forests are sustainable and last into the future.

If you want to manage your property but can’t decide where to start and how to do it properly, contact us. We are happy to share our experience and advice.

The work needs to be broken down into phases:


Carry out a forest valuation or forest inventory

The forest is divided into “jigsaw pieces” or plots. In one place there are spruces, in another birches, alders. The property may contain clearings, brown patches, young stands. Each of these sites must be allocated separately.


Draw up a management plan

Each site needs to be marked as to what work needs to be done.

For example:

Young stands - thinning

If there are fallen trees in spruce stands - clear felling

In unthinned birch trees - maintenance felling

In mature trees - plan a uniform felling

In clearings - plant with new seedlings.


Carry out development

Harvesting also includes the ancillary activities to be carried out to start felling

For example:

Mark the areas to be logged with paint or visors

Prepare sketches, obtain permission from the State Forest Service for felling trees

Thinning in the clear-felling plots

Identify the timber yields and where they will be shipped to in order to establish prices.

Carry out felling and delivery of trees


Clean up the property

After felling and transporting trees, the area sometimes needs to be cleaned up.

For example:

Rows need to be levelled

Temporary bridges need to be removed from ditches and streams


Restoration of the stand

Reforestation can be done naturally. This means doing nothing until the forest regenerates itself.

Reforest artificially - planting. This means preparing the soil with a special milling machine, ordering seedlings and planting.

Scandic-Forest | meža īpašumu apsaimniekošana


If you are doing the work yourself, we will be happy to advise you on how to do it yourself

If you need work done that you do not have experience in, please contact us and we will agree on a price.

These works are our daily routine.

Scandic Forest is a company with a long track record of sustainable woodland management

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